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I had been blogging for quite some time now. Recently I explored the options for earning through blogging, read a lot of articles on it and tried out few options.

Some worked good for me, some didn't. I tried a couple of other online oppurtunity and monetizing the blogs turned out to be the best fo me.

This blog is meant to share my ideas and experiences along with relevant articles on blogging for money. If you have any suggestion or thoughts to share then feel free to drop a mail at

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to blog and earn money

If you enjoy writing and blogging and feel passionate about something. You can earn some money out of it as well. Even if you are not very comfortable with writing, you would enjoy the informal behaivor of blogging and will find it fun soon.

Well the key here is to choose the topic that you enjoy the most and feel passionate about. That ways you can learn about it more as you search, blog, answer people's comments. Moreover blogging for long hauls may not be possible on topics ou dont find interesting yourself. It might become and overkill or burden to blog about such stuff in long run.

I started with compiling information about stuff that i used to search here and there and place them in a single place for my own reference. I started to enjoy writing and blogging a lot so I started few blogs based out of my interest and monetized them with adsense and other affiliates. Monetizing the blogs turned out to be the best for me. I am pretty happy with the earnings and response till now.

If you would like to know how to create your own blog, here is a step by step tutorial with pictures. Create your first Blog

Ok now what is adsense and affiliates. Adsense is a contxual advertising program that places ads on your blog or site that suits the contents and you get paid when the visitors click them. Affiliates are refferal ads and you earn when some one joins them.

If you would like to know how to put adsense on your blog, here is a step-by-step tutorial with pictures:How to place adsense ads on your blog

How do you get paid with adsense now? Your earnings keep accumulating for each month till you reach 100$ in your earnings. Once you reach 100$ mark your account is sent out for verification and you get the check in your local currency at your residence address the following month.

But be careful If there is any violation in the adsense policy then your account will be banned and all your earnings will be dropped. So DO NOT violate adsense policies. Even if the earnings are low initially, be patient and don't be desperate to violate the policies.

Since I had chosen topics that I enjoy, so writing about them didn't put me off even when initially the results were slow, the visitors and readers were less and earnings were small. But as it all grew in couple of months, and am now earnings a decent amount.

I received my first check from google adsense after 2 months of hardwork, and have been receiving regular checks every month ever since.


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