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I had been blogging for quite some time now. Recently I explored the options for earning through blogging, read a lot of articles on it and tried out few options.

Some worked good for me, some didn't. I tried a couple of other online oppurtunity and monetizing the blogs turned out to be the best fo me.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ad Placement - Explained

This is the toughest part to talk about really because everyone is different. Lets start out with the size and types of ads to use. Now I'm not an expert in this part of blogging, but i do have experience. I know what works and what doesn't. If you go ahead and look at this blog i have two types of ads. Link units, and Ad units. I prefer Ad units because really it sticks out a lot more and thats what has brought me the most money. Please take a minuet to look at the diagram below.

The best place on any blog would be to place an ad on the very top before your first post. It's been most efficient for me and will be for almost anyone. Now both sides where your information is will be a good idea too. If you look at my blog here you can see where i put my ads. And these are the places where i usually put them. The main reason why people place their ads in between the content is because people will mistaken the ads for content and click on them. So it's a trick. But if it works for you good. The real places you want to avoid would be somewhere where people wont see them. You don't have to put ads away from content because people might not like them there. Please make them noticeable. Don't get to carried away though.

I hope this article helped everyone out and to encourage you to blog. I like to think of blogging as a hobby more than a job. It feels great to just write about something you know about and to help other people out. And in the end hopefully you will be rewarded. I had a fun time writing this article in particular. Thanks for reading.
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